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IDEX was launched on February 14th, 1993 with an active participation of more than 350 companies form 24 countries and had been instantly identified as an international success due to the active participation from various military delegations. NAVDEX was launched alongside IDEX on 2011. To maintain the momentum garnered from the international community, IDEX and NAVDEX has continued to expand the overall exhibition space. The size of the exhibition halls, conferences and outdoor space has increased to accommodate the regional and international companies wishing to display the latest technology and military weaponry for the land, air and the sea.


The International Defence Exhibition and Conference


The Naval Defence and Maritime Security Exhibition

The defence exhibitions (IDEX, NAVDEX significantly contribute to achieving ADNEC’s strategic goals and positively impact Abu Dhabi’s economic growth through bringing together key representatives of international defence industry, offering then a world-class level of services, delivering high-calibre defence conferences and exhibitions and finally exceeding their expectations.

From the success we have experienced in organising IDEX the defence exhibition, we took a strategic step by expanding and growing the defence exhibitions business and reduce the dependency on a single event by launching UMEX and SimTEX in the opposite year to IDEX and NAVDEX. UMEX and SimTEX diversified its portfolio by including more of the civilian and commercial unmanned applications rather than focusing on the defence sector. The event includes the sectors of artificial inelegance, Robotics, Unmanned systems, simulation and training


Abu Dhabi International Boat Show (ADIBS 2021)


UMEX & SimTEX 2022      

ADIBS is the first exhibition outside the defence sector to be organised and hosted at ADNEC and held at the ADNEC Marina. Abu Dhabi International Boat Show was launched back in 2018 to support Abu Dhabi’s 2030 strategic plan. Abu Dhabi Boat Show is unique to Abu Dhabi and the region; it caters for all marine industry professionals and the whole family seeking a great day out or a weekend. Abu Dhabi Boat Show is the perfect platform to discover the latest ways to enjoy all aspects of Marine leisure and water sports in and around Abu Dhabi, with a whole range of opportunities to get out on the water.


SIAL ME, Defining Innovation in the Food, Beverage & Hospitality Industry


Abu Dhabi Date Palm Exhibition, The World`s only dedicated B2B event for Date Palm Fruit

SIAL Middle East was launched in 2010 by Comexposium group, one of the world’s leading event organisers. In 2019 Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) has signed a Joint Venture agreement with Comexposium, to work together to grow and develop the SIAL Middle East event at ADNEC.

The Abu Dhabi Date Palm Exhibition is co-located event with SIAL Middle East and was launched in 2015.